We design our robes for you to take everywhere and wear as you want. The bride can use her piece for many occasions starting from her wedding, honeymoon, vacation, or different photoshoots.


  • 100% Handmade.
  • Each material is handcrafted.
  • Top materials from all around the world.
  • Limited collection.
  • Uniquely designed for you.



Our mission is to make sure every girl that wears our robe feels unique, classy, elegant, and sexy. You should love your body and feel good when you put on your robe because you are special. 



Inna Elsie Havryliuk was born in Ukraine and moved to America at the age of twenty-six.  As a child, Inna had an innate desire to create beautiful things and do photography. Due to some circumstances, she got into the University of Economics instead. However, the love for the beautiful always remained in her heart. 


In America, through photography work, she saw so many brides and realized that there are low-cost robes, which will fit perfectly and at the same time make a girl feel classy, sexy, and elegant. 

Many brides said that they wore their robes just one time and threw them away. So Inna decided to create robes that you can wear many times and on different occasions.  

In 2019, Inna Elsie’s enthusiasm for fashion resulted in her first collection “Elsie with Love”. 

The collection became so popular and sold out so fast. This was the beginning of a new Brand. The brand grew exponentially within a year and started appearing in magazines, trunk shows, photoshoots, and pageant shows.  

Inna has a warm and thoughtful nature and is genuinely passionate about her business. Nevertheless, Inna’s uncompromising style and love for the art of fashion will surely leave a lasting impression on you.  

Beauty shines within you, and clothes emphasize you
- Inna Elsie








Inna Elsie Havryliuk

Inna Elsie Havryliuk
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