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Mike Hilton NFL player and Chassidy Hilton Renews Vows

Love is in the air as Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Mike Hilton and his stunning wife, Chassidy Hilton, celebrate their five-year wedding anniversary by renewing their vows. On July 11, 2023, the couple reaffirmed their commitment to each other in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by family and friends. The event was nothing short of magical, and it showcased the love and devotion that Mike and Chassidy share.

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What makes their love story so special?

Mike Hilton and Chassidy Hilton's love story is one for the books. They first met during their college years and quickly formed a deep connection. Their relationship blossomed over time, and they decided to tie the knot in a romantic ceremony five years ago.

Why did they choose to renew their vows?

Renewing their vows after five years of marriage was a way for Mike and Chassidy to celebrate their journey together and reaffirm their commitment to each other. It was a chance to reflect on the love and happiness they have shared and to look forward to the future with excitement and anticipation.

The renewal ceremony was a testament to the enduring love that Mike and Chassidy have for each other. Surrounded by their loved ones, they exchanged heartfelt vows and promised to continue cherishing and supporting one another.

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Chassidy's choice: Our robe Ashley for her bridal getting ready look

Chassidy Hilton, known for her impeccable style, chose our robe Ashley for her bridal getting ready look. The Ashley robe is a perfect blend of elegance and comfort, making it the ideal choice for a bride on her special day.

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Designed with luxurious satin fabric and delicate lace trim, the Ashley robe adds a touch of sophistication to any bridal ensemble. Its lightweight and breathable material ensures that the bride feels comfortable and at ease while getting ready for her big moment.

Chassidy's choice of the Ashley robe reflects her impeccable taste and attention to detail. It perfectly complements her bridal look, adding an extra layer of glamour and elegance.

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We are honored that Chassidy chose our robe for her bridal getting ready look, and we wish her and Mike a lifetime of love, happiness, and beautiful moments together.

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