Bubba Wallace & Amanda Carter's  wedding

Bubba Wallace & Amanda Carter's New Year's Eve Wedding

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace recently married his long-time love, Amanda Carter, in a lavish ceremony in North Carolina on New Year's Eve. The couple celebrated their union in front of 250 guests at the JW Marriott in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Dec. 31.

Bubba Wallace & Amanda Carter's  wedding

What Robe Did Amanda Choose for Her Bridal Morning?

For her bridal morning, Amanda chose our luxurious silk robe, AVA. This simple yet elegant robe exudes an "old money" charm, perfectly complementing the romantic and intimate vibe of the ceremony.

Bubba Wallace & Amanda Carter's  wedding bridal robe

Why Choose Robe AVA for the Bridal Morning?

Amanda Carter, the beautiful bride, chose our exquisite robe AVA for her bridal morning. The robe AVA is a silk, simple robe that exudes elegance and sophistication. Its luxurious fabric and timeless design made it the perfect choice for Amanda's special day.

Bubba Wallace & Amanda Carter's  silk bridal robe wedding

The Significance of Robe AVA

Robe AVA is not just a robe; it is a symbol of luxury and refinement. Its silk material drapes beautifully, making the wearer feel like royalty. 

Bubba Wallace & Amanda Carter's  wedding day bridal robe

For Amanda Carter, robe AVA was more than just a piece of clothing; it was a statement of style and grace. As she prepared for her wedding day, robe AVA became a part of her bridal ensemble, enhancing her beauty and radiance.

Bubba Wallace & Amanda Carter's  wedding bridal robe

Choosing robe AVA for her bridal morning was a decision that Amanda will cherish forever. Its soft touch, delicate sheen, and luxurious feel made her feel like a queen as she embarked on a new chapter of her life with Bubba Wallace.

Bubba Wallace & Amanda Carter's

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