This Wedding Took Place at Two of the Chicest Spaces in Paris

This Wedding Took Place at Two of the Chicest Spaces in Paris

Angela wanted her wedding weekend to be a celebration of the best of Paris, with a touch of Emily in Paris magic. The events were carefully planned to showcase the beauty of the city, with each venue having ties to the popular show.

Starting Off with Style

The festivities began with a welcome party on a boat on the Seine, setting the tone for a glamorous weekend. This was followed by a chic restaurant rehearsal dinner, adding an extra touch of elegance to the celebrations.

The Morning of the Big Day

Angela spent the morning of her wedding day with her bridesmaids, all dressed in our luxurious ostrich feather pajamas by Inna Elsie. As she got her hair and makeup done, the focus was on creating a flawless look that would last throughout the day.

A Glowing Complexion

For her wedding day makeup, Angela opted for a natural look that highlighted her skin texture. Her makeup artist used Armani luminous silk foundation, which gave her skin a radiant glow without looking too shiny. Angela was impressed by how well the foundation held up throughout the day, keeping her looking fresh and luminous.

“Having spent freshman year of college in Florence, Italy, Allister grew to have an appreciation for Italian fashion,” Angela says. “While we ultimately decided to do the wedding in Paris, he wanted to pay homage to that experience and selected Italian designers for his wedding day outfit.” His bespoke Orazio Luciano tuxedo was handmade in Napoli, Italy.
One of Angela’s most favorite memories from the big day? “I will forever remember the moment when the showgirls opened up their feathers and we walked in to U2’s ‘Beautiful Day,’ with all of our friends and family cheering us on.” They launched right into their first dance, a medley of Michael Bublé’s “Everything” and Coldplay’s “Sky Full of Stars.” “Neither Allister nor I are dancers, but it was such a great bonding experience learning the choreography to two of our favorite songs,” Angela shares. “We ended our first dance to ‘Sky Full of Stars’ to keep the energy up, and we had everyone join us on the dance floor for an impromptu dance party before appetizers were served. It really set the tone for the fun night of partying that followed.”
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