This delightful handmade tulle robe with the addition of patterned tulle will adorn any body type. Its lightness and airiness are mesmerizing, and a bow on one shoulder puts a bright accent. 

Fabric: Tulle is a lightweight elastic material formed by a special weave of polyester or nylon fibers. 


All couture is 100% handmade and detailed in our Beverly Hills location.

Please note that deliver time may vary;

  • Products in stock - up to 3 days handling. Shipping time will be calculated at checkout
  • Pre-order - All of our items are 100% handmade and it may take up to 4 weeks. Delivery may take up to 2 additional weeks to your destination (may vary)

We also customize designs to suit your needs. For customization or urgent orders, please contact me directly via the contact us form

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Customer Reviews

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I love love LOVE my robe.

I love love LOVE my robe. When I opened it I got so excited for my big day. It will be the perfect touch to getting ready.

Heather S
Dream robe

The best service and quality. The quality of the robe was spectacular. Service was amazing and the robe fit perfectly! Would definitely recommend.
Most beautiful robe ever

Stephanie Scrafano
Most beautiful robe ever!

The Karina robe was the bridal robe of my dreams! It was so beautiful and gave just the right amount of drama. I am obsessed with all of my pictures in it — it is so photogenic! This robe is everything. Thank you Inna Elsie!!